The 71st Annual WMASS Tee Party

Thursday,April 27, 2017 Tekoa Country Club, Westfield, MA

Past Honorees
The Tee Party is proud to join one of the finest golf professionals that has ever promoted golf in our area with one of the classic courses in Western Mass.  We are proud to honor Bob Mucha, PGA of Edgewood Golf Course at Tekoa Country Club.  Bob has devoted his life to growing the game in WMASS.  As a teacher, mentor and player at Shaker Farms, Hampden CC, Greenock and Edgewood, Bob has become one of the most respected golf professionals in the area. We are proud to add Bob to the legendary list of past Honorees.
1947    Bob Toski                 PGA National Tour
1948    John Raimondi         Memorial/Veterans GC
1949    Vic Wall                   Springfield Newspapers  
1950 - 1955  Party held      No guests honored
1956    Al Porter                  WMASS PGA
1957    John Banks              Mount Tom/Shaker Farms GC
1958    Jimmy Young           The Orchards GC
1959    "Mac" Sennett         CC Of Greenfield
1960    Henry Bontempo     Franconia GC
1961    Art House                Ludlow CC
1962    Harry Biagiotti         Holyoke CC
1963    Allan Mackintosh     CC of Wilbraham
1964    Ole Clark                 Longmeadow CC
1965    Frank Kringle           Crestview CC
1966    Jack Taylor              Feeding Hills CC
1967    Ed Twohig, Sr.         Amherst GC
1968    John Marge              Tekoa CC
1969    Mike Marge              Tekoa CC
1970    John Strycharz        Southampton
Bud Czelusniak
1971    Jack Toski                Beaver Brook CC
1972    Jimmy Nichols          Westover and National Tour
1973    Leo Fugiel                Wyckoff Park CC
1974    John St. Clair           A.G Spalding Co.
1975    John Sutter              Shaker Farms CC
1976    Frank Monte            Quabog CC
1977    Mickey Cotela           Elmcrest CC
1978    Tom Toski                Hickory Ridge CC
1979    Bob Case                Tekoa CC
1980    Dick Stranahan        Longmeadow CC
1981    All Prior Recipients
1982    Harry Mattson, Jr.    Springfield CC
1983    Robert Bontempo    The Orchards GC
1984    Rollie Jacobs            Channel 22 WWLP
1985    Ronnie Mattson        Twin Hills CC
1986    Jim Regan                USGA, Springfield Newspapers
1987    James "Bucky" O'Brien    CC of Greenfield
1988    Bob O'Neill                Ludlow CC
1989    Tom DiRico                Shaker Farms CC
1990    Jim Long                   Spalding Worldwide 
1991    Dan DiRico                Franconia GC
1992    Tracy Mehr                Amherst College
1993    Gerry Finn                Springfield Newspapers
1994    Tom Gorman            Former Franconia GC
1995    Ed Twohig, Jr.           The Orchards GC
1996    MGA                           Dick Haskell
1997    Jim Modzelesky        Oak Ridge GC
1998    David DiRico              Crestview CC
1999    David Twohig            Amherst GC
2000    Joe Grochmal            Springfield CC
2001    Ted Perez, Jr. and Family    East Mountain CC
2002    Mike Grigley               Edgewood CC
2003    Via Wightman            Holyoke CC
2004    Tony Kelly                   Wykoff CC
2005    Joe Pagos                   Elmcrest6
2006    Skip Grant                  A G Golf Club
Joe Agostino
2007    Geoffrey Cornish        Golf Course Designer
2008    Ron Dunn                   Agawam GC
2009    Daril Pacinella            Longhi's Driving Range
2010    Jim Casagrande        Northampton Country Club
2011    Jim McDonald           Crumpin Fox Club
2012    Francis Kringle          The Blandford Club
2013    Paul Quinn               Longmeadow Country Club
2014    Kevin Piecuch           CC of Greenfield
2015    The Fisk Family         Fenway Golf
2016    Rick Fleury     Crestview Country Club
2017    Bob Mucha                Edgewood Golf Course
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